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NIST Special Publication 800-63B. Digital Identity Guidelines Authentication and Lifecycle Management. Paul A. Grassi James L. Fenton Elaine M. Newton Ray A. Perlner. An out of band secret sent via SMS is received by an attacker who has convinced the mobile operator to. NIST proposed “deprecating” SMS 2FA last year because of vulnerabilities as an out-of-band factor in multi-factor authentication environments. “The term ‘deprecation’ confused people,” said Paul Grassi, senior standards and technology adviser at NIST, “because it wasn’t clear if SMS 2FA was disallowed or remained allowed.”.

17/08/2016 · Despite these concerns, federal agencies and organizations that base their policy on the NIST RMF, will need to deprecate SMS-based 2FA if the draft proposals are ratified. The question then is what should they use instead. Alternatives to SMS 2FA. Alan Goode believes there is ample choice.

31/07/2016 · The National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST recently stated that using SMS messages as an out-of-band verifier or the second factor in two-factor authentication 2FA is deprecated. That statement by a respected organization has many people wondering about SMS two-factor. NIST Explains Proposed Ban on SMS for 2FA; A few days after releasing draft authentication guidelines that propose deprecating SMS as a second factor for authentication, NIST officials provided more context on the move, saying it’s a result of advances in attacks and shifts in the threat landscape.

From a security perspective, the change from NIST is a positive one, experts say. It pushes the authentication industry toward a more secure option and will have an effect on government agencies, which follow the NIST guidance. “For the average case of a large web service that’s using SMS for two factor, this doesn’t mean SMS is going away. The NIST recommended that SMS out of band authentication, a form of two-factor authentication done through a separate device from the one on which you login, should be. 25/07/2016 · NIST isn’t telling for now, but more info will come out as the comment period wears on. But before long all use of SMS will be frowned on, as the bolded passage clearly indicates. The alternative is to use a dedicated 2FA app like Google Authenticator or RSA SecurID, or a.

03/08/2016 · NIST is no longer recommending two-factor authentication systems that use SMS, because of their many insecurities. In the latest draft of its Digital Authentication Guideline, there's the line: [Out of band verification] using SMS is deprecated, and will no longer be allowed in future releases of. 20/09/2017 · In listening to NC 646, I realized that there’s a subtle issue regarding NIST 800-63 that’s worth addressing. While an SMS message is and Out of Band authenticator, the TOTP Time Based One Time Password that is used by Google Authenticator, 1Password, Authy, Lastpass,is not. NIST called this release a public preview, so it can post the documents on GitHub and solicit comments on the guidelines and changes, including those to SMS 2FA. Experts generally said SMS 2FA has survived as long as it has because consumers tend to choose convenience over security when it comes to authentication.

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